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“Everything changes and nothing remains still” – Attributed to Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher

These words of Heraclitus could well serve as a motto for the Englewood neighborhood. Over the course of a relatively brief history of less than 150 years, Englewood has gone from sparsely inhabited farmland to a thriving urban community to a largely abandoned wasteland to an increasingly diverse neighborhood that is working together to restore the vitality of the place. Over our short history, two major corporations have established plants here, flourished, waned and ultimately dissolved their operations, leaving gaping industrial holes in the landscape. Similarly, the neighborhood has seen a professional baseball team and an amusement park come and go (and both within the span of a single decade!) As we dug into the history of our neighborhood, we found it to be rich; many household names, for instance, have strands of their stories woven into the tapestry of Englewood’s history: Babe Ruth, Elvis Presley, General Electric, RCA, Barack Obama, George Washington Carver, Duracell, Andrew Carnegie, and on and on.



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