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Near East Side Community Organization to redefine itself, examine needs of area

After thoughtful consideration and lively conversation, the Near East Side Community Organization (NESCO) board has come to a consensus that it is time to redefine and refocus the organization. NESCO is looking to define the current needs on the Near Eastside and find how the organization can best support those within its boundaries.

”For the last 45 years, NESCO has worked to build community partnerships that better the lives of those living on the Near Eastside,” says NESCO President Rebecca Seifert. “The organization has helped to create neighborhood services like the John H. Boner Center, Near East Area Renewal, East 10th Street Civic Association, Financial Health Credit Union.” As these assets have stood on their own for many years, it is time for NESCO to reevaluate what new goals will further the mission of the organization.”

This refocusing effort is a process of directing our attention on where we can have the most impact with NESCO Committees like Land Use and Crime Reduction and Code Enforcement. NESCO will also let go of things that are overwhelming for the capacity of the organization.

This means taking some time to step back, regroup, reenergize, and re-evaluate NESCO’s role in Feast of Lanterns, Bike Rodeo, Pub Crawls and Happy Haunted Halloween. Paramount School of Excellence will continue to sponsor and host the NESCO Games each June.

The goal of refocusing NESCO is so that NESCO can continue to serve the Near Eastside of Indianapolis for another 45 years.”


The Near East Side Community Organization (NESCO) was created in the early 1970’s to address poverty and property blight on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis. Originally made up of a simple community center and health clinic, NESCO now one of the City’s most influential neighborhood organizations, fighting for urban renewal and social justice.


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Rebecca Seifert
NESCO President

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