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This week’s Neighborhood News

Neighborhood Summit

Our next neighborhood summit will be a bit different this time around.  Come out to both celebrate what has been done in our neighborhood and help us to envision what can happen in the future.  We are also still in need of volunteers for the event.  Please contact Megan Fetter at 317.808.2336 or to find out how you can help.  For more information, check out the Facebook page

The NESCO Neighborhood games

“Bringing us together as one.”


What are the NESCO Neighborhood Games?
Each summer, the Near Eastside Neighborhoods in Indianapolis, Indiana come together for a week of neighborhood-friendly, Olympic-style games. These events celebrate friendships, good-natured competition, light-hearted fun, and community cooperation. Events such as basketball, softball, volleyball, street hockey, dodgeball, table tennis, corn hole, cooking, frisbee golf, running, cards, and trivia allow for a week of great fun for all who live or work on the Near Eastside.

How does it work?
Individuals and teams enter events in an effort to try and win a medal for their neighborhood or Near Eastside Organization. Like the Olympics, each medal (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) is worth points (5, 3, and 1). At the end of the week of competition, the neighborhood or organization with the most points wins the NESCO Neighborhood Games. Please take the time to visit our events page to learn more about these games and the opportunities available to you and your community!

When does it take place?
The NESCO Games are held each summer during the third full week of June. The 2013 NESCO Neighborhood Games will take place from June 15th through June 22nd. For additional schedule information, please click here.

Where are they held?
All events take place within the boundaries of NESCO. Locations, dates, and times are listed on the Schedule Page, and event addresses are listed on the Event Locations page.

How can I take part?
If you, your organization, or your neighborhood would like to compete in an event, please begin by viewing the available events on the events page. Then, simply register for the events you wish to participate in using the free registration page.

How can I help?
The NESCO Neighborhood Games need annual volunteer and donor support. The costs associated with staging these games are limiting. Only through the help of volunteers and sponsor donations can this event continue from year to year.

Memorial Day Trash Service

This is just a friendly reminder that there will be NO RESIDENTIAL TRASH SERVICE on Monday, May 27, in observance of Memorial Day. This includes residential solid waste, curbside recycling, and heavy trash services.

All services will run one day behind for the remainder of the week. Monday routes will be collected on Tuesday, 5/28, Tuesday routes on Wednesday 5/29, and so on, with Friday routes being serviced on Saturday, 6/1. All services will return to normal schedules on Monday, 6/3.

Heavy Trash FAQ

heavy trash info

Jane Jacobs Walk

Woodruff Place Home Tour

Bi-Annual Home and Garden Tour: June 29-30, 2013 noon – 5 pm
Tickets $12 in advance, $15 day of – Purchase online here:

James O. Woodruff laid out Woodruff Place in 1872, envisioning a residential park with shade-covered sidewalks, fountains, statues, and wide streets with grassy esplanades, all inspired by European communities he had visited.

The home and garden tour is the primary fundraiser for the historic neighborhood. The neighborhood utilizes the funds raised to make improvements in the neighborhood, such as restoration of town hall, fountains, and 10th street wall.

Velocity Survey

As a resident and stakeholder of the Near Eastside, please take a moment to record your input into the Velocity public survey.   Velocity is the new strategic plan for Indianapolis Downtown, Inc., but the plan will have implications for the Near Eastside and other communities just outside of central downtown. We need your opinions to be heard! 

 Please consider clicking on the link below to take the survey and also consider sharing with your networks.   


Indianapolis has launched a five year strategic planning process for Downtown called Velocity. They are conducting an online public survey asking folks to help prioritize where we need to be focusing efforts in the next five years. We would encourage you to participate in the short survey and encourage others to do the same. The survey will be open until June 30. Below is more information and a link to the survey. You can learn more at or follow us on Twitter @indyvelocity.

Let your voice be heard.


Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. just launched a five year strategic planning

process called Velocity and your input is important to itssuccess.

Through Velocity, IDI seeks to

create a refreshed vision for the future of Downtown

and a framework that maps out priorities.

Please click here to directly link to the brief, public survey.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Neighborhood Meetings

May 21 –

Little Flower  6:30p  Little Flower School

Spades Park  6p Spades Park Library

May 22 –

TEAR United  6:30p   Family Bible Church

May 28 –

NESCO board meeting  6:30p  Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center

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